Photo installation 2017

wood , polyester, LED lights , paint.

In these works, my intention is to depict human bodies that are shot within scenarios staged by myself. I am trying to turn simple actions into enigmatic rituals, which evoke the human body’s emotional fragility.Following studies of french philosopher George Bataille (1897-1962), I intend to explore the domain of eroticism, which Bataille claims is a domain of violence and violation.

It is within conditions of disorientation, probing and searching for a sense of belonging that I analyse  psychoanalytical concepts of fetish, desire, ambivalence, voyeurism, sadism, loneliness and the dark gruesome side of society.

The works are an attempt to understand life and death by investigating erotic limits and our unconscious fears and desires.I would like to leave the viewer entirely alone to determine the circumstances of the work. it is intended that they unravel details in order to decipher a narrative.

One such narrative is the question of the primordial state in humans being quick to emerge depending on circumstance.  for example, it is stated through research that the human will revert to the hunter-gatherer mentality and kill in order to save their young if without food for five days.


Iam purposefully evoking scratches onto the works, and using the decay of emulsion or other materials. it is a chemical violence that is parallel to the bodily mutilations often depicted in my works.Within that realm, the integrity of the bodies and the integrity of my images are simultaneously dismantled.I reference the following artists as a basis for the dialogue my work.


Video work  - triptych


A collaborative work with a poet Dave Rock . Spoken stream-of-consciousness monologue and moving images analyzes contrast between representation, and abstraction suggests a psychological disparity, where morality, representation, and social convention are questioned.


Stills from the video


Pallace Project Gallery


On the Cusp – group show – October 2016

Video work documenting dance and burning of a sculptural piece. Presented above a photograph from the video .

In my recent work I was aiming to enhance artistic expression and contemporary take on human body and is ephemeral, fragile qualities.


Portrait of Katharine after her gender transition _etching aquatint 40/50 cm , edition of 8

2016 July – On The Cusp – Speambox Galerry Dublin – group show


Untitled Etching  on Fabriano paper 32 / 29 cm 

Portrait of Katharine after her gender transition

etching aquatint 40/50 cm , edition of 8 -Series of Psyhological portraits

Dorota Konchevska artist.jpg
Dorota Konchevska artist 2.jpg

"Looking at the mirror and seeing forest " Etching , aquatint edition of 10 , Size 40/50 cm (From series of Psychological portraits)

Pylmyra is bombed

etching aquatint 50/40 , Etching, aquatinta  Fabriano paper

Pylmyra after detonation.jpg
Pylmyra after detonation.jpg
Next journey is in August .jpg

"Next journey is in August " Drypount etching, Fabriano Rosepina

15/20 cm , Edition of 10

stumbling stones.jpg


Photography series. A psychological portrait of a young woman .